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"Remain Faithful"
Daniel 3:1-30
April 21, 2024

Read Daniel 3:1-3. Speculate about what was going through the minds of these people as the image of gold was being made: King Nebuchadnezzar; the people constructing the image; the officials; the general population.

Read Daniel 3:4-7. What would you call the kind of worship spoken of in these verses? What was wrong about this worship?

Read Daniel 3:8-12. Characterize the Chaldeans as well as the “certain Jews.”

Read Daniel 3:13-15. What do you know about Nebuchadnezzar from these verses?

Read Daniel 3:16-18. What do you know about S, M, & A from these verses?

Read Daniel 3:19-23. Identify “clues” that would lead you to conclude that the king was angry.

Read Daniel 3:24-25. What do you think was taking place in the fiery furnace?

Read Daniel 3:26-30. King Nebuchadnezzar exhibited a changed mind (and maybe a changed heart). Identify evidences of his “change.”