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"586 Chaos"

October 25, 2020

Jeremiah 36:1-32

Read Jeremiah 36:1-3. What is hopeful about these verses?

Why might the threat of disaster not be enough to turn someone from sin?

Read Jeremiah 36:4-7. How was the Word of God to be transmitted? (Are there other factors involved that are not spoken of in the text?)  Where is the ‘empowered’ Word most likely to get ‘derailed’ (in what part of the process)?

Have you ever planned for a transmission of God’s Word? Is it good to strategize ways to get the Word to others? Can you share any helpful ‘strategies’?

Read Jeremiah 36:8-10. What factors contribute to a person taking God’s Word seriously?

Read Jeremiah 36:11-18. Do you think the word ‘conviction’ had anything to do with this section? Any guesses as to what some of the officials may have been thinking?

Read Jeremiah 36:19. Why were they told to ‘hide’?

Read Jeremiah 36:20-26. What attitudes characterized the king and his followers?

Read Jeremiah 36:27-31. What do you think was going through Jehoiakim’s mind as he was hearing about the consequences of his sin?

Read Jeremiah 36:32. How can a person have God’s Word ‘burning’ within them?