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Even though church services have resumed in our sanctuary, the Sunday sermons will continue to be posted on our website each Sunday morning for those who cannot attend in person. We hope to see as many of you as we can there, but stay safe!

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"A Devoted Life"

II Timothy 1:1-18

Read I Timothy 1:1-2. Do you learn anything about Paul from this greeting?

Read I Timothy 1:3-7. What can be said about Timothy’s faith from these verses? How often should each person ‘evaluate’ their faith?

What does verse 7 mean for the life of the believer?

Read I Timothy 1:8-14. Do we, or will we, ever have to ‘share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God’? (vs. 8)

What is encouraging about these verses? (8-14) How can a believer ‘discover’ his or her ‘calling?’

Read I Timothy 1:15-18. How important are Christian friends? What ‘friendship qualities’ do you most appreciate in others?