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"Your Response to Jesus"
August 1, 2021
Luke 22:1-46

Read Luke 22:1-6. How many unrighteous thoughts or actions are mentioned in these verses?

Read Luke 22:7-13. What is remarkable about this account? (Who was in control?)

Read Luke 22:14-23. What can you learn about the Lord’s Supper from these verses…what does it mean to you?

What do you think the discussion was like based on verses 21-23?

Read Luke 22:24-30. Why would the disciples argue about which one of them is the greatest?

What kind of lifestyle did Jesus model for His followers?

Read Luke 22:31-34. Why do you think Satan targeted Peter? What might Peter have thought after hearing what Jesus had just told him?

Read Luke 22:35-38. What was different this time when His followers were being sent out?

Read Luke 22:39-46. How did the disciples fall short at this crucial time?