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"Will You Be Gathered?"
Luke 3:1-22
February 5, 2023

Read Luke 3:1-3. How do you think God’s word “came to” John and what resulted from this?

Read Luke 3:4-6. What do you think about the fact that the “man in the wilderness” was spoken of in Isaiah? Do you have any thoughts about his message?

Read Luke 3:7-9. How do you think John would have done if he was asked to give a “politically correct” speech? Identify areas or portions of content when he may have “failed” in this regard.

Read Luke 3:10-14. As the various groups heard John respond to their questions, what do you think was going on in their minds? How should they have been responding to his answers to them?

Read Luke 3:15-17. There seems to be a lot going on in these verses. What teachings or truths or questions speak to you?

Read Luke 3:18-22. The closing verses include contrasting sections. What seems so different about them?