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“Follow the Leader”

I Timothy 3:1-16

Is how a church “operates” or is structured important? Why or why not?

Read I Timothy 3:1-7. Should believers want to be leaders in the church? Why or why not? At what age should believers be encouraged to consider becoming leaders in the church?

Talk about the qualifications that are listed for elders (vss. 2-6). Are some more important than others? Can some be overlooked? What do you think about them?

Do you think the list for qualifications for elders should apply to all believers? Why or why not?

What do you think is involved with a leader in the church who is “able to teach”?

Why must a leader in the church be well thought of by outsiders?

Read I Timothy 3:8-13. What are the characteristics of a servant? When and how do believers learn how to serve? Why is servanthood hard for some?

Read I Timothy 3:14-16. Who is the true LEADER in the church? How can a believer best promote Him? What happens if we behave well in the “household of God”?